Anybody know how to delete Minecraft server folder/files off of a Mac? I'm done with mine, and whenever I try to empty the trash (after what I thought was stopping the server) it wouldn't let me, because it said the file was still being used.

This may seem like a dumb question, but still have to ask. Does anyone here know how I would go about setting up a server for Minecraft on the Mac? Not a sever thats going to host like 100+ people. Just a couple friends. Preferably a way in which I could enable some mods would be good too.

You guys may know the answer to this. My Sister just bought Epic Mickey 2 and was playing when she called me in to help. It was, what I can assume, the beginning of the game, right when you find the brush and have to paint the boulder spirals. The only problem was, she couldn't aim. The reticle wouldn't move no matter…